Top Signage Types and Why You Need Them!

by admin on March 26, 2015


Autumn is the time for conferences and events in Australia. From multi-day conventions to small receptions, reaching out to vendors, clients, and colleagues in your industry is an important way to stay relevant and in-the-know. However, events are also an important time to promote your business through attractive, event-specific signage. By utilising your company logo and integrating proper calls to action you can subtly remind others of your presence in your space and even attract new customers.

Of course, it all comes down to having a few great signs designed for a specific event or events in general. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Posters
    Inexpensive enough to refresh each year, posters are a great way to make a big (or small) impression according to your space. Full-colour and digitally printed, a series of posters for a season or event not only promotes your brand, but looks relevant and fresh on the conference floor.
  • Vinyl Banners
    A more permanent option for those who routinely present at events or set up conference booths, a high-quality vinyl banner also doubles as in-store or office signage. Vinyl banners are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to transport, but also durable so that they last for years. They are also cost-effective and use modern digital printing technology that looks great and is easy to personalise.
  • Business Cards
    While it’s a bit cliché, and not really a “sign” as such, business cards are essential when you attend conferences and events. When you design your business cards alongside other signage, you ensure design, colour, and branding consistency and save yourself the hassle of dealing with more than one vendor.

Conferences and events are a great opportunity to step away from the everyday routine of work and to promote your name and your company in a positive, fun way. However, to do things right you also need to take advantage of every opportunity presented including adding a signage programme to your next event.

Give us a call and your local signage expert will help you to understand the importance of event-specific signage as well as help you to design signs that fit your budget and your business. You can even take advantage of our Signarama Finance programme to make sure you can integrate this key business-building element into your next event.


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